Welcome to Grebo website 2.0. New and improved and ready to serve you with disks of delights.

We've been on a bit of a hiatus for the last year or so but we're getting prep'd for the elusive tenth release, GREB010 which we'll aim to release in 2018, just got to find the right release first.

In the meantime we've still got 9 others for you to buy and treat your lug'oles with, including 2 deleted listing by the artists (contraband!) and two soon to be rarities when they sell out. We're down to low double figures of the Girobabies and single figures of Ghost Of The Avalanche's first 7" EP - Body Snatchers.

As they say......  When they're gone they're gone.

Paul @ Grebo 03-Nov


Girobabies - Who Took Utopia?

Girobabies - Who Took Utopia?

A run of just 300 on a gorgeous Translucent milky-white Vinyl. All copies come with a..


Cassels - We Wander In The Night / Rinse And Retreat

Cassels - We Wander In The Night / Rinse And Retreat

7", first vinyl, release for the boys from Oxfordshire. The Chipping Norton Set. An edition of ..