A run of just 300 on a gorgeous Translucent milky-white Vinyl. 
All copies come with an MP3 download and lyric sheet 

“Who Took Utopia?” is the Girobabies follow up to two mini LPs ‘Bus Stop Apocalypse’ & ‘Social Not Working’ where they used an indie/grunge, almost punk, backbeat to deliver pertinent political/social observations akin to the likes of the Sleaford Mods, The Streets & The Fall. We’re a little more than excited to be releasing it on Vinyl. 

This latest full length takes the band into new, almost genre-defying, grounds. The Giros leave their peers behind with this stunning conceptual album.  What may initially seem politically devoid for the Giros style, the poetical wordsmithing of front man Mark McG soon demonstrates his ability to break the realities of life down to their core vulnerabilities and deliver one the most relevant and observed social commentaries around. Through rollercoaster tales of joyful expectation, apathy and our deepest insecurities McG chronicles the line by line delivery with a comforting and a blissfully self-assured Scottish accent, pulling you in and permanently leaving you wanting more. 
In-house producer (and guitarist) Robbie Gunn leads a masterfully orchestrated composition taking you from a fiery Pixie-esque outset, through Nick Cave melancholy to the realities of discovering where your own Utopia may be found amongst this layered pop-punk, sometimes funk-reggae (even psychedelic!) offering. 

Girobabies - Who Took Utopia?

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