About Us

Grebo /ˈgriːbəʊ/ A Vinyl centric (micro) Independent Record Label.


Grebo Records started out in 2012 as an online shop selling rare & hard to source American vinyl to a UK audience.

In 2013 we switched to become a UK based label working with new and unsigned Brit bands, although we still carry a small amount of Distro, the primary focus is now the Label.


Info for Bands / Submissions


Grebo’s target collaborations are for new, young, and typically unsigned, bands. We can help get your ‘self produced release’ out in a physical form. Our deals are typically under license allowing you remain in control and still pursue that ‘Record Deal’. Grebo are not currently looking to: ‘Sign’ bands in the traditional sense, nor to pay advances and give you a 5 album deal. Although we love you, and want to, we are just not that kind of label. We just make records 1 at a time.


Grebo is a part-time, self funded endeavour led by someone with a day job and helped out by friends. To make sure you receive every bit of attention you deserve we need to be fully behind what you are doing as a band. We need to feel that buzz and want to come home from one job and start another. Therefore not only are we looking for bands that have potential to sell records, we are also looking for bands with a sound and an attitude we like and can work with (and who want to work closely with us).


Vinyl comes in several formats, 7" 12" & LPs. We only do short runs so making records isn't cheap and neither of us are going to become rich from the proceeds. But it is cool, really cool. Therefore, with this in mind, we have decided not to release any more 10/12" EPs. They just aren't viable for either of us, Album's are the way forward for Grebo Vinyl, although we still release singles if we believe a band has potential to shift them. Gig sales have proven to be an active part of Grebo Sales so being an active, regularly gigging band is a must.


If you like the sound of what we do, and want to put something forward, please send a link to your online music to Admin@greborecords.co.uk. Please send a brief about the band, where you've been, what you're doing and where you're going. If you can also include an outline of what you think you are looking for by teaming up with us, that would be grand. We have replied to every act that has contacted us so far, but please understand that with limited time and resources for us to promote what we have released thus far - reviewing submissions can sometimes take a back seat, but we will get back to you!


 Our connections and associations often provide avenues of opportunity and in roads not openly available to bands going it alone. All bands we work with become part of our family and we will use all possible opportunities to promote and assist them. We have helped bands achieve Regional and National radio airplay, Podcast inclusion, Blog and press reviews and shop sales throughout the UK and even in the USA.